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Start Offering Flexible
Point-of-Sale Financing

- Offered by Major League Finance, partnered with Novae Financing -

Start offering financing options to increase your conversions and revenue.

Novae Financing

Get paid quicker

Get paid more

Get paid often

How POS Financing Works

The service provider uses Novae’s online platform to request financing for the customer.

The financing request is sent to Novae’s multi-lender network.

If a partnered lender accepts the request, the consumer may receive a loan, line of credit, or alternative form of funding.

If the customer is approved, the service provider receives the funds in full within two to three days. The consumer then pays the lender in installments.

Why POS Financing?

Boost Sales

Boosts sales

Increase order value

Increase order value

Improves customer acquisition

Improves customer acquisition

Maximizes cash flow

Maximizes cash flow

Why Major League Finance?

  • Network of Lenders
    We have partnered with a reputable multi-lender network and utilizes a waterfall algorithm to improve approval rates. This means consumers have a higher likelihood of finding financing options.
  •  Minimal Credit Impact
    We only conduct a soft credit check to minimize the impact on a consumer’s credit score. Also, many of our partnered lenders may be willing to work with damaged credit applicants.
  • Turnkey Platform
    Easy-to-use platform is intuitive and hassle-free. Service providers can track and filter all their metrics from a single dashboard, including funded loans, financing request statuses, locations, and requests per salesperson.
  • Complete Control
    Merhants have full control over the lenders they work with and the offers that are displayed to consumers. Moreover, service providers can customize the POS platform to match their branding and design.
  • Support and Training
    Merchants also have access to a 24/7 IT team and dedicated account managers. Our hands-on team offers training, support, and consultation services.

Industries Served

We serve the following industries, and quickly expanding reach into many more. Stay tuned!

Coaching & Consulting Financing

Coaching & Consulting

Everyone's approved program
Healthcare Financing

Healthcare & Cosmetic

Most medical verticals
Home Improvement Financing

Home Improvement

(coming soon!)
Retail & Ecommerce Financing

Retail & Ecommerce

Sporting goods
Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution



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Introducing our Direct-to-Merchant Financing Program for:

Coaches & Consultants!

Never miss out on a high-value sale or worthy client again. We will fully finance up to 100% of your clients, without a credit check.

  • If you qualify for our program, you can literally never lose another client on credit score worthiness.
  • Increase sales and revenue by making your services more accessible to a wider range of clients!
  • Your clients pay zero interest if paid in full within 12 months.
  • Ease your client's financial burden and allow them to potentially achieve better outcomes for your coaching services.
  • A no-credit-check, everyone-is-approved financing option can be a life-saver to the client who is a perfect fit for your coaching, but needs it delivered affordably.